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Help Transform the Life of a Young Musician

And provide opportunity through music education.

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We are fundraising to inspire budding musicians!

PRIZM builds diverse community through chamber music education, youth development, and performance. PRIZM's educational programs strive to help young people develop themselves, preserve an important part of Memphis' cultural life and develop a new generation of Memphis leaders who are prepared to lead a diverse community. Hear what our students are saying:

"I owe who I am as a musician to PRIZM. The education and instruction I've received through the Summer camp has been invaluable. I received a full music scholarship to the University of Colorado Boulder because of PRIZM." Olasuyi Ige, violin

"Before I came to PRIZM, my school orchestra conductor told me 'Once you have been through this camp, you will be a totally different musicians than you were going in.' As the saying goes, 'You don't believe it until you see it.' There is no other camp like the PRIZM International Music Camp and Festival." Autumn Bobo, cello

"Walking into the Summer camp and being greeted by faculty members that spoke my language, Spanish, was shocking to me. Being at PRIZM instantly made me feel at home and included. My mother was worried about costs but after applying for a scholarship, I received a full scholarship to attend the camp. It was the best decision I made all year." Misael Rosa, viola